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Avatar Builder


In a metaverse environment, it’s very important to give the user ease of access to almost every customization he can make. Therefore, this idea of avatar builder came up so that the users can modify their own avatars and use them to interact with other users in the metaverse. Also, there were both level based and premium upgrades to the customizations user can make so that the metaverse becomes more interesting for the user.


1. Create a basic UI that contains all the customization categories for the avatar, like face, skin tone, gender, clothes, shoes, other designs, etc.
2. Allow the user to modify the preview avatar using the UI.
3. Make sure changes are saved and user is able to play with his personalised avatar in the metaverse without any issues.
4. Make it multiplayer supported, so that all the users can interact using their own avatars.


The core concept was to utilize all the customizations we can provide the user so that they get a smooth and amazing experience with both the UI and animations we added in the avatar menu section. Also, it was mandatory to make sure there are no clipping or look issues in the 3D models we got from the designers.

Key Process and Technology

● UI design import: The user interface was designed on figma and then imported and programmed in unreal engine as per requirements.
● 3D models import: The avatar and its customized accessories of different categories were given a core skeleton (metahuman), then designed and imported into unreal and then programmed in the same.
● Putting everything together offline: When all assets and UI was setup, it was time to connect everything in a common level and test everything out, once working, the user was now available to use his/her avatar in the metaverse.
● Saving changes: The user was now allowed to save the avatar changes he/she made and continue with them whenever they want to use or redesign their avatars.
● Multiplayer support: Everything was replicated as per client and server rules, so that there may not be any bugs when multiple users interact.


Finally the avatar builder was ready and customizable by any user. There were no issues in designing, saving or multiplayer left. After the basics were done, we kept updating it as per new designs arrived eventually.

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