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Web Application – PHP

Application Background

1. Creating web based inventory management application to manage inventory of Oriental Bearings.
2. Business Engagement Model.
3. Generating different types of reports examples include – payment, work order, dispatch etc.
4. Billing

Business Needs

The client was looking to develop a web application using PHP (CodeIgniter framework),
HTML5, Ajax, CSS3, Bootstrap3, Jquery and MySql as backend.

The features they were looking for were:
1. A system should keep track of all of the work orders (pending & completed) involved into the entire manufacturing process.
2. A system should generate following reports on monthly basis.

a. Work order report.
b. Payments & collections report.
c. Billing report.
d. Work order dispatch report.
e. Work order rejection report.
f. Work order pending report.

3. A complete, specified dashboard. The dashboard consisting of the features with which users can easily figure out how many orders are completed or pending and to be able to decide if the company is getting the best returns on their investments.
4. Detailed invoicing and billing.
5. Users should be able to add, edit and delete work orders and vendor information.
6. A system should manage multiple levels of users.
7. Assign different roles to various users.
8. Bill generation system for specific work orders.


1. Browser Compatibility: The application had to run on iPad as well as table top computers, so we needed it to design in a way so that it can run on IE, Fire fox, Chrome and Safari.
2. Report generation for various tasks involved in the process.
3. Track the invoice according to different records and maintain thousands of materials and generate a unique number.
4. Generate work order numbers on monthly basis and synchronize with their invoice
5. Complete Client Side Operations: The client required all the processes at the client side, there were large no of operations which all needed to be performed through the client side scripts.


1. We used technologies like JQuery, Ajax & Java-Script with pure HTML5 design for achieving browser compatibility.
2. We used PHP CodeIgniter (MVC) framework to achieve complex inventory system
3. And system was highly maintainable.
4. We used Web-Service Layer architecture to achieve the need of client side operations for responsive design.
5. For designing reports, we used bootstrap3 and css3.


1. The client was able use the application from any browser or any device as he was looking for.
2. The client was able to use most of the features of the application including graphics
operations very efficiently without facing any issues like page load issues and similar.
3. Application was designed in a way that, it can be extended easily in the future anytime the client wish to do so.
4. We achieved a great level of client satisfaction, by meeting his needs as we do it with each and every client of Dogra Technologies.

Technologies Used

• PHP 7.0
• CodeIgniter (MVC framework)
• JQuery 1.11.1
• Bootstrap 3.3.3
• CSS3
• HTML 5
• MySql 5.7
• Various online & offline tools for rapid development of XML & XSLT, Java-script & JQuery & CSS Designs.

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